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Kim Honeycutt - Flip Your Lid Podcast

January 8, 2021

I was guest on Kim Honeycutt Flip your lid podcast


Flip Your Lid with Kim Honeycutt

Flip Your Lid is a deep dive into the complexity of psychology, neuroscience, and Christianity as it applies to the development of our internal and external systems. We will discuss all the things - racism, addiction, Polyvagal theory, toxic relationships/systems, implicit bias, attachment styles, and how to bring our unconscious beliefs into conscious connection. The right internal reset can have life-changing impacts on our heart, mind, and body leading to the expansion of His Kingdom. Flip Your Lid podcast will assist you in having access to the science that helps us to cultivate our relationship with God and aligns our beliefs with our behavior. (Romans 14:22-23) Join us as we examine what caused our lids to flip and how we can use neuroscience to reconnect and resurrect who He says we are.


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