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Kim Honeycutt Psychotherapist

Kim Honeycutt Psychotherapist

January 28, 2021

Kim Honeycutt graduated from Columbia College in 1993 with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and then received a Master of Social Work degree from the University of South Carolina in 1998. After years of working in secular facilities, Kim wanted to be more open about her life as a Christ-centered recovered alcoholic. As a result, she founded Peer In Psychotherapy Center in 2005, a Christ-centered psychotherapy organization open to all seeking emotional healing. As a Psychotherapist, Kim provides individual, couple, and family therapy services at her Huntersville office. In addition to providing therapy, she also has been published in several magazines including My School Rocks, Static, and Charlotte Woman. Her speaking engagements include Tedx Talk Charlotte, Myers Park High School, Substance Abuse Prevention Services Center, Providence High School, Independence Hill Baptist Church, Mosaic Church, Grace Crossing Church, Grace Covenant Church Women’s Ministry, icuTalks, The Collected Podcast, Columbia College, and Kim is an emcee for icuTalks Hear Voices weekly podcast. Kim was rated second for Psychotherapist in the Charlotte area by Charlotte Fitness Lifestyles for 2018. She has made regular appearances on television and has been featured on National Public Radio. Her book But Your Mother Loves You: How to Overcome the Cycle of Toxic Love and Live Your Life Without Shame is available online at Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, Target, and Amazon (because what isn’t on Amazon). If you want an autographed copy, you can order right here on her website! The kindle version of her book is ready for download from iBooks or Amazon and her book is also available as audiobook. Kim is also the Executive Director and co-founder of icuTalks a speaking ministry that helps people hear the message of God’s redeeming Love. In 2020 the year of hell, Kim decided to start her own podcast called Flip Your Lid. It is available on iTunes, Spotify, and all the other cool spots.

If you would like more information on Kim’s upcoming speaking engagements, please click on the ‘speaking’ button at the top of the page or visit .

Kim Honeycutt - Flip Your Lid Podcast

Kim Honeycutt - Flip Your Lid Podcast

January 8, 2021

I was guest on Kim Honeycutt Flip your lid podcast


Flip Your Lid with Kim Honeycutt

Flip Your Lid is a deep dive into the complexity of psychology, neuroscience, and Christianity as it applies to the development of our internal and external systems. We will discuss all the things - racism, addiction, Polyvagal theory, toxic relationships/systems, implicit bias, attachment styles, and how to bring our unconscious beliefs into conscious connection. The right internal reset can have life-changing impacts on our heart, mind, and body leading to the expansion of His Kingdom. Flip Your Lid podcast will assist you in having access to the science that helps us to cultivate our relationship with God and aligns our beliefs with our behavior. (Romans 14:22-23) Join us as we examine what caused our lids to flip and how we can use neuroscience to reconnect and resurrect who He says we are.


Check out her podcast -

Dr. Shahrzad (Sherry) Sami
Michael Koziol Licensed Acupuncturist
Kim Strickland her story of healing and triumph through many hard times in life

Kim Strickland her story of healing and triumph through many hard times in life

May 27, 2020
Each episode of the #RELENTLESS Podcast is intended to bring not only practitioners of holistic healthcare to the listers, put everyday individuals who have made the journey to physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
This episode has both in one person!! Please join in and hear

Kim Strickland

share her story of healing and triumph through many hard times in life.

Many only see her as the strong, confident person she is now....but she earned her way there.
This episode includes:
✔ Four year journey,
from then to now
✔ Leaving
✔ Breaking
✔ Victim Triangle
✔ Weight Gain
✔ Serve to Heal
Healing From:
✔ Job Loss
✔ The first
decade of
adulthood in
a relationship
✔ Bullying
Listen to full podcast here:
itunes -…/the-relentless-podc…/id1438593173
Kim is the Head Trainer at Burn Bootcamp
Michelle Benoit Pelvic Floor Specialist
Sandra Weber
Luis Perez, CPT, Health Coach

Luis Perez, CPT, Health Coach

April 8, 2020

🎙New Episode🎙

Luis Perez CPT, Health Coach

Join me as I dive into some great information on modern technology and how it is helping individuals become successful in their health goals even sooner than they expect.

Luis shares with us how the marriage of western medicine and holistic minded fitness and nutrition are the best method to a healthy lifestyle.

He also shares his story! We are all human, and have been through hard times.

The journey to who Luis is today was only possible because he healed from being bullied for his weight as a child, financial difficulty, and divorce.

Find out how he did it!



Allison Davies Music Therapist

Allison Davies Music Therapist

April 3, 2020

In this episode, I talk with Allison Davies Mum, Wife, Educator, Advocate, Speaker, Neurologic Music Therapist and creator of Brains = Behaviours.


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